Trailmakers Help

Controls (general)

Left Stick - Movement

Right Stick - Camera

Y - Enter/Exit Build Mode

X - Enter/Exit Vehicle

A - Jump

B - Repair

Menu Button - Main Menu

View Button - Respawn at last checkpoint

Click Left Stick - Map

Click Right Stick - Change Camera


Controls (In build mode)

Y - Select

X - Rotate

Directional Pad - Nudge Move

Left Bumper - Navigate to Build Menu


Controls (In vehicle)

Right Trigger - Accelerate

Left Trigger - Reverse

A - Jet

Left Stick - Air Control


How to build

  • Drag and drop vehicle parts from the inventory
  • Face the surface you want to attach something to
  • Notice the green dots, indicating the block is attached
  • An unattached block will have a blinking exclamation mark
  • To save, hold A and drag to select your whole vehicle, then click the save icon


  • More engines = more speed
  • In windy places, make your vehicle more streamlined with aerodynamic blocks
  • Tumbling over? Make your vehicle wider or lower its center of gravity by moving heavy blocks towards the ground
  • You can change the color, controls, and many other settings of a block by selecting it, and selecting the cogwheel