Open Weekend FAQ

THE Open weekend has ended!


When does it start, and when does it end?

We will start letting people in on January 11th, and close down on January 14th.


How do i get invited?

We will send you an e-mail with an invitation, and instructions on how to play.


how do i find people to play with?

Since the Trailmakers Open Weekend features Multiplayer, you might want to find some other players to play with. Feel free to invite your friends to the Open Weekend or find some new friends on our Discord.


What is included in the open weekend version?

The reason we have an Open Weekend is to stress-test Trailmakers in multiplayer. We have two different multiplayer modes, Sandbox and Dethrone. Sandbox is selfexplanatory, and Dethrone is a PVP mode. If you are not interested in multiplayer, you can also play Sandbox by yourself and experiment with the building capabilities of Trailmakers.


What happens after the weekend? 

You will no longer be able to play Trailmakers until we launch the game on Steam Early Access as a paid game. Follow Trailmakers on Steam, Twitter, Facebook or Discord, and we'll make sure you know when that is.



  • If you are using a mobile broadband or other double NAT connection, know that this might not work for Trailmakers as our multiplayer games are locally hosted.
  • If you are having problems connecting to a friend, try connecting via their IP. They can find it on
  • If people can't connect to a server you are hosting, try opening port 16666 UDP in your router. Here is a handy guide for doing that with a lot of different routers.

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