I have connection issues, can you help me?

We probably can! But before we do, please look through some of these common solutions, and see if they work for you:


I have technical issues related to the game, can you help me?

We can certainly try! But before we do, here is a list of technical issues, and how to solve some of them. Please read through this before you contact us:


i am stuck in the game, can you help me?

Almost definitely! But before we do, you should head over to our Discord server where our helpful community of master builders are eager to help you with the game. We guarantee that they are better at the game than we are. You can find our Discord server at


I am trying to redeem a vip seat, but it's giving me an error

The first thing to do is try again. Sometimes the redeem page needs a second try :)

If you get an error message about not being eligible, due to already owning the game, please contact us via e-mail.

When is Trailmakers coming to Xbox?

We hope to release Trailmakers in Q1 2019. When we have an exact release date, we will announce it on our Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.