I signed up for the Alpha, when do I get my key?

We will be RANDOMLY inviting people to join the Alpha Testing over the coming months. The invitations will be sent out in waves. Signing up does not guarantee access to the game. We are doing it this way to get fresh eyes on new Trailmakers features we are adding. 


How often are the waves of invites? How many do you invite? 

These things depend on the development of the game. We invite people when we need new people to test features in Trailmakers.


If I get invited, how will I know?

We will send you an e-mail with a Steam Key and instructions for testing.


What is the difference between the Alpha Demo and the Alpha Testing?

The Alpha Demo is just a small teaser of Trailmakers and will not be getting any updates/patches. This is the version you might have seen YouTubers playing.
The Alpha Testing is updated frequently with new features we need tested. Only a small closed group of people will have this version. This is what you sign up for.


Why should I pre-order?

Pre-ordering helps us a lot with development costs and with moral support. It lets us know that we are doing something right, and it helps us keep the lights on at the studio.


What do I get if I pre-order?

You get a Steam Key on Trailmaker's Early Access release day. The key will give you access to Trailmakers from Early Access and onwards. You also get your name (or nickname) permanently carved in the game on our big rock of Early Trailmakers. Lastly, you get an exclusive Early Bird Flag you can put on your vehicles.


Ok, I pre-ordered Trailmakers! What happens now?

Thanks a lot! Now just sit back and wait for the Steam Early Access release of Trailmakers later in 2017. When the release day arrives, we will send you a Steam Key so you can play the game.